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Ottawa SEO Company Restarts

While I got caught up in the internet vortex searching for how to improve auxadept’s presence, I was taken to random places and came across this site; Apparently it is a local Ottawa SEO company trying to get back on its proverbial feet. I am always curious about those who are selling SEO. I decided to checkout the site; impressive looking but I didn’t get very far. At the front is a short video that I did check out. It caught my attention since the author commuinicated that he had neglected his website for some time (6 years or so) and wanted to get his site on page 1 of Google. That’s a lofty goal as far as I am concerned; although very achievable.

So, he started this on July 19th and stated that he intended to treat this project as if it were a project for a paying client. the presumption is that if he can accomplish this goal for himself, he can do the same for clients; makes sense. I suspect he will be focussing on on-page SEO since that is one of the foundational elements.

As of today, for the keyword “Ottawa SEO”, is ranked 11 putting it on page 2 of Google. Very good since back in July that site was on page 8. I imagine that the site owner had most of the basics covered already and tweaked content and updated apps.

Before closing, somethings to keep in mind:

  • getting organic traffic is one of the basics. Over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • Keep in mind that there are over 1 trillion searches every single month!
  • SEO has the power to drive inbound traffic that could contribute to your business growth for years.

If you want to be on page 1, seek help!

I will keep on watching the site to see if it makes it to page 1.

If this business interests you, you can find them on Facebook at and Twitter at